Greg instructs caregivers on treating the terminally ill

cctimes video training the docs

“I’m hoping that God will shed some light on this
and maybe cut me some slack. I am still in denial.
I haven’t come to my senses yet. :-)”


“Unfortunately, there is no cure,” Greg told about 25 members of the hospital’s psychology staff. “Gradually, the disease takes over more of the body, intellectual functions deteriorate, hearing loss, blindness, inability to speak, seizures … ultimately paralysis.”

It was a chilling and even heartbreaking message coming from someone who, with his quick laugh and sunny demeanor, looks like an entirely healthy teenager. For the interns and others in training, who normally are addressed at their weekly “didactics” educational seminar by a professional, it was “a thousand times more powerful” to hear from a patient, said Dr. Brad Schwimmer, a psychologist at the hospital.

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