Merry Christmas!

The week before Christmas, Greg was in Pittsburgh for a long week of testing. This is the third year he has participated in a natural history study about MLD. They help to monitor his progression of MLD by physical and neurological exams, cognitive testing, physical therapy, ophthalmology, visual evoked potentials, optic nerve tomography, auditory brainstem response, audiology, MRI, and the dreaded nerve conduction study. It’s quite an exhausting week!

We are so pleased to be able to say that they found very little progression of his disease! He continues to be the “anomaly” he said he was from the beginning! Aside from some foot drop and minor changes in his MRI and hearing speech patterns he is basically stable!!! Praise God!

We want to thank our Amazing Prayer Warriors! We are so blessed to have your support on this journey! We know Greg is defying the odds because of you! Please continue to pray for him and all of our MLD families.

We will Never Never Give Up! Still looking for a Cure!