Greg talks MLD with Nursing students from UM, Shady Grove Campus

Thankful that Greg has a voice and the willingness to use it to educate others on MLD. Despite his struggles he is quick to share his story and allows others to witness and participate in his journey. So proud of him! ❤
Greg had the opportunity to share his journey and educate a new group of Nursing students on MLD today! Our sweet friend Kendra was also able to join us and share about her nephew’s journey with Late Infantile MLD.

We are so grateful that Professor Ben and the University of Maryland, Shady Grove Campus has been so welcoming to him and family!

We are encouraged to see the next generation of nurses that will be caring for us all. They are warm and compassionate and surely enthusiastic about their future careers. We wish them the best and hope that they will share Greg’s story and remember that when things don’t look right they probably aren’t.