How Can I Help?

Pray for Greg and our family and for others battling this disease. Pray for strength and hope. Pray for a slow progression. Pray for a cure!

Love your children! Love the time you have and enjoy the small things that might end up being the big things later!

Educate yourself on MLD … Look at the link on this website and learn. Tell every medical person you meet about this rare disease. Share this website with them and ask them to reach out to other medical people as well.

Advocate for research and for science for rare diseases. Look for ways to help us make MLD known.

Share your love. Share your resources if you’re so inclined. Share an idea of something Greg could do. Better yet, Share a little of your time to help us make Greg’s days full.

Encourage us and especially Greg! Help us keep hope alive. Embrace our Never Never Give Up motto!

If you want to make a donation and receive a bracelet, please click here to donate or use the Donate button below. After donating, it will direct you to a page that will ask you for size and type of bracelet you prefer.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this website and for your support!