Muddy Bracelets


(*Please note. The inventory of beads will sometimes change. So they may not always match the pictures above. 🙂 )

This summer when the ALS ice bucket challenge was popular, Greg said,” why can’t we do a challenge for my disease?” So I asked the Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) Community and they came up with the “Get Muddy for MLD because it’s a dirty disease” Challenge.

Greg and I were trying to come up with a creative way to “Get Muddy”, as neither one of us wanted to dump a bucket of mud on our heads!

In the meantime, completely unaware of the challenge, one of my coworkers made some bracelets. Michell sold them to our colleagues to let me see that they were all supporting us on this journey, and to help raise funds for Greg’s “bucket list” items.

The amazing thing is that they are made of brown beads like the brown of the earth!

We can get Muddy without getting dirty!

The bracelets also have a “Never Never Give Up” charm and a horseshoe charm (for luck and for Greg’s passion of horses). When I brought mine home, Emily said, I should add a “G” for Greg and for God! and so we did!

We then figured Greg could help make them – Bonus – occupational therapy!
And we decided to continue to sell them to help heighten awareness for MLD.

So, it took a few months to get all the supplies and to work out the kinks… Now we’re ready to CHALLENGE YOU to Get Muddy with us and to help us raise funds for research and education for MLD for Greg and others like him!

To accept Greg’s “Get Muddy for MLD Challenge,” make a minimum donation of $10 and you will get a “Muddy Bracelet.”

After donating, it will direct you to a page that will ask you for size and type of bracelet you prefer.

G. Give to
R. Research and to
E. Education for
G. Greg’s Challenge


Thanks again for taking the time to look at this website and for your support!